2 thoughts on “Con A de Arte Honors Frank Dominguez

  1. Jane Howard says:

    I have listened to WDAV since I came to Charlotte (from San Diego) in 1990. Since I do not watch TV right now, the radio is on this station 24/7 – except when Concierto comes on. What a load of nonsense! Why does there need to be a whole program (bi-lingual to boot) dedicated to Hispanic composers/performers? Classical music is universal, so why can’t listeners just enjoy and appreciate it
    without being subjected to a politically correct agenda?

  2. Scott Nolan says:

    Hi, Jane, thanks for listening. I am so glad you appreciate our station. To be honest, our objective with Concierto is not to be politically correct. It’s simply to take advantage of an opportunity to grow the audience for classical public radio by offering something that specifically targets the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. population, and to shine a light on an underappreciated aspect of classical music. We don’t proselytize during the program or put forth any kind of political or cultural agenda, and the unique focus of the program is no more or less “politically correct” than any other programming we provide. The music we share on Concierto is rich and diverse and I hope you may grow to appreciate it – we’ve had very positive feedback so far. Again, thanks for listening and for sharing your thoughts! Scott Nolan, WDAV General Manager. scnolan@wdav.org

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