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Eastern Music FestivalMay 8, 2019

A Festive Carolina Summer

A guide to the summer’s best music festivals throughout the region

My Year with MozartMay 2, 2019

Exactly when does genius begin?

The arc toward greatness is often paved with mimicking admiration

My Year with MozartApril 25, 2019

An Entire Universe in a Single Keyboard

Part of Mozart’s brilliance are the infinite ways to interpret his intentions.

My Year with MozartApril 18, 2019

Was Mozart a Christian Composer?

Many of the composer’s operatic works exhibit the truest expressions of Christian teachings – forgiveness.

My Year with MozartApril 11, 2019

His Frenemy, Yes – but Not His Killer

Antonio Salieri – he’s remembered for something he didn’t do: murder Mozart.