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News & FeaturesOctober 21, 2020

Beethoven on speed

By Lawrence Toppman Between 1996 and 2000, musicologist Jonathan Del Mar oversaw a new edition of Beethoven’s symphonies

News & FeaturesOctober 16, 2020

Ghostly Voices: 4 Eerie Art Songs for Halloween

These art songs and lieder set the perfect tone for your Halloween festivities.

News & FeaturesOctober 7, 2020

Lenny and Ludwig

By Lawrence Toppman Next week brings the 30th anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s death. As I’ve listened to Beethoven

News & FeaturesOctober 5, 2020

Women Conductors Are The Rule, Not The Exception, At A New Classical Event

La Maestra, held in Paris this September, is the first fully realized competition solely for women conductors — an effort to help balance a male-dominated field.

News & FeaturesSeptember 29, 2020

5 Classical Artists to Add to Your Playlist this Hispanic Heritage Month

Five noteworthy artists who have made their mark on the classical music world to add to your listening queue

News & FeaturesSeptember 23, 2020

The Curse of 9

Classical music has its own fateful numerical legend

News & FeaturesSeptember 9, 2020

Naming of parts

By Lawrence Toppman While re-reading my favorite World War II poem, Henry Reed’s “Naming of Parts,” I realized Beethoven was

News & FeaturesAugust 26, 2020

Did Beethoven invent anything?

By Lawrence Toppman This may sound like a goofy question. He revolutionized genres with audaciously difficult symphonies, complex