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News & FeaturesSeptember 9, 2020

Naming of parts

By Lawrence Toppman While re-reading my favorite World War II poem, Henry Reed’s “Naming of Parts,” I realized Beethoven was

News & FeaturesAugust 26, 2020

Did Beethoven invent anything?

By Lawrence Toppman This may sound like a goofy question. He revolutionized genres with audaciously difficult symphonies, complex

News & FeaturesAugust 12, 2020

A disastrous outpouring of genius

By Lawrence Toppman The concert lasted four hours in an unheated Vienna hall on a December night. The

News & FeaturesJuly 29, 2020

Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony

By Lawrence Toppman Who knew, right? After the May 1824 premiere of the Ninth Symphony, his longest and

News & FeaturesJuly 22, 2020

Local, Virtual, Classical: 5 Online Events to Enjoy This Week

By Mary Lathem We’re not leaving our houses as much these days, but when great classical music and

News & FeaturesJuly 16, 2020

LA Phil Hosts the YOLA National at Home Series

A virtual conference providing tools for the next generation of classical musicians

News & FeaturesJuly 15, 2020

The journey that saved Beethoven’s life

By Lawrence Toppman Had Beethoven killed himself in October 1802, he’d be known today as a fairly talented