2 thoughts on “WDAV to Broadcast Charlotte Symphony’s Season-Opening Concert

  1. Marylou Schiller says:

    Your radio station has been recommended highly by a friend, Marita Satori. We live in Caracas, Venezuela and there is no classical music station here. Radio is generally not too good. There is one station that has a rather good classical music program, but all programs, as almost all stations are state owned, are interspersed with the dictator´s party line propaganda. I have read the list of programs on this page, and I am very impressed. I know I shall derive much pleasure from listening to your radio.

  2. Steve Childers says:

    I personally attended this concert as well as the “musically Speaking” introduction beforehand. I have attended other symphony productions in other states, but I have never felt the passion of the other concerts as much as I did this one. It was outstanding to be able to meet the conductor and guest conductor before the concert, and hear their views on why the music was selected, what meanings it has, and how it could tye in with the community.
    Music Director Christopher Warren-Green and Croatian pianist Martina Filjak, both displayed a pasion and fire in the music that I have never witnessed before. It was a great pleasure to feel the music and the passion and to see the precision of the performance. This was the first time that I have visited our own local symphony and It won’t be the last. Thank you WDAV for being there and for the radio presentation as well.

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