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James Says Hi

by James Hogan
james_150.jpgHi there. My name is James, and I’ve been asked to hang around this blog and write a bit about WDAV, the excellent music community in Charlotte, and the incredibly diverse audience in the area that listens to them both.
I’m going to the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra performance tonight, and I’ll be writing about that soon, but first I wanted to say hello–and see if there’s anything out there (really, anything) that you, the readers, might want me to talk about. First, a brief disclosure: I’m a former English teacher and an amateur musician, so I’m hoping to engage you in a conversation on this forum rather than give you just another review of a performance or group. I’m much better at conversation than critiquing, anyway.
So…please leave a comment about whatever you’d like to see featured in this blog! I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. Cheers!