mike mckay

A Message from Mike McKay

UPDATE, 11/10/23 – Mike recently had surgeries which were successful but will require some time for him to recover. His prognosis is for a “complete recovery” and a return to work as soon as possible.

To Our Thoughtful Listeners,

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do work that contains grace and dignity.  These thoughts are particularly fresh and poignant now because I’ve been facing some major health challenges.

I’m in the midst of a radiation therapy regimen that is expected to shrink a tumor. Once that’s done, we’ll begin a radiation regimen that will take care of smaller and less dangerous cancerous lesions.

I mention these problems because some of the wonderful people who listen to WDAV have inquired about my health, and they want to wish me a full and fast recovery.  I thank those good people for their thoughtfulness, and I’m going to do my best to get back into normal shape as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep listening to the marvelous music you can enjoy on WDAV. I thank you for your caring and your concern.

Mike McKay

WDAV and South Carolina ETV/Radio to Co-Produce “Carolina Live”

DAVIDSON, NC — WDAV 89.9 Classical Public Radio and South Carolina ETV/Radio will co-produce Carolina Live, a weekly program of the Carolinas’ best live classical concert recordings. The show will be broadcast in the Charlotte region on WDAV 89.9FM; in Columbia, SC at WLTR 91.3FM; in Greenville/Spartanburg, SC at WEPR 90.1FM; and in Charleston, SC at WSCI 89.3FM.


WDAV Celebrates the Season with Live Holiday Concert Broadcasts & Events

This holiday season, join WDAV 89.9 Classical Public Radio for a series of live holiday concert broadcasts and events showcasing some of the area’s best music and music-makers. Listen over the air at 89.9 FM, online at wdav.org and iTunes – or attend these concert broadcasts in person!


Update from Mike McKay

MMK_036_148.jpgIf you”ve had a chance to listen the past couple of mornings, you”ve noticed that I”m back on the air here at WDAV. It has been an interesting couple of weeks as I”ve been recovering from the cancer surgery, but the healing has been much smoother and quicker than I thought it would be.
It”s terrific to be back and to once again share the wonderful classical music with you…we”re all very fortunate to be able to enjoy that together, aren”t we?
As a final note, I”ll never be able to do a complete job of thanking all the wonderful, supportive people who posted messages here on the blog. Reading the kind, gracious words of so many WDAV listeners was a real inspiration, and I”ll always be grateful for your thoughtfulness.
So back to the studio, and back to the wonderful chance to work here and be a small part of the great things that happen here – I”m far more blessed than I deserve!

An Update from Mike McKay

MMK_036_148.jpgGreetings, and from your temporarily-sidelined morning man, many thanks for the gracious, generous messages you’ve sent regarding my recent surgery and ongoing recovery. Your prayers and best wishes are wonderful to read, and I’m very grateful for your kindness.
My return to mornings, Carolina Live and Artist Spotlight has been delayed a few days — seems I was a bit too optimistic in forecasting a date by which to return. We’re now shooting for Monday, June 22. I’m confident the healing and rejuvenation will do nothing but accelerate in the days until that date.
By the way, the surgeon and pathologists who followed up are pretty darn confident they got all the cancer when they operated. It looks encouraging at this point that I won’t have to undergo any other form of cancer treatment. Yet another blessing…
So be well in the meantime, keep enjoying the wonderful music and great people on WDAV and wdav.org. I’ll be back as soon as I can get there.

A note from Classic Commute Host Mike McKay

MMK_036_148.jpgAs I hope you know from being a regular WDAV listener, I’m privileged to be with you Monday through Saturday mornings on the station. I also get to host and assemble the weekend programs Carolina Live and Artist Spotlight. No doubt about it — if you don’t like listening to me on WDAV, there’s not a day in the week when you can get away from me! I hope that’s not what you want to do, though…
You won’t be hearing me for a while, beginning soon. I have prostate cancer, and the nature and size of the cancer dictate my having surgery rather than using another form of treatment. With the surgery and subsequent recovery period, I think I’ll be away from WDAV about two weeks. I’m going to keep the absence as short as possible, but if you tune in and don’t hear me for a while, don’t worry — I’ll be back as soon as I can.
If by chance you’re a person who prays, please keep me in your prayers the next few weeks…that’s the best, most thoughtful thing you can do. All the best to you during this period, and keep listening to the matchless music on WDAV!