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Wish They All Could Be California Classical Radio Stations

It’s 9:30 at night in Palm Springs, Calif., and I realize I have had the Southern California classical radio station, KPSC 88.5 FM, on the radio all day. OK, I set it for the dog, truth be told, since classical music on WDAV 89.9 FM is what they play for him at Camp Wagging Tails back home, and what I play for him at my condo while I am at work, on account of his mild (now) separation anxiety. Dulcet tones soothe the savage beast. Seems to work. And besides, who does not want to awaken from their afternoon nap to the sound of applause, hello? Especially now for him, in Dodger’s desert dog-days of summer 2009: too many hard, loud, freaky hours of SoCal freeways in an un-air-conditioned, 42-year-old Comet, with no roof to speak of? Who signed him up for this? OK, I did, against my better judgment. But all is well.
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photo by Jennifer Foster, WDAV


Reflections on WDAV’s 30th

WDAV’s 30th anniversary has special significance for me, and not simply because I work at the station.
I’ve been here in one position or another long enough to be considered a “veteran,” but many of my co-workers, such as Ted Weiner and Rachel Stewart, have been here even longer. Even our most youthful music host, Jennifer Foster, who started as a student announcer, has been here longer than I (although she has left and come back a few times).
But I’d have fond memories of WDAV even if I’d never had the privilege of working here. My first recollection of WDAV traces back to my last night as a single man.