classical library

Help! Need Suggestions for Building a Classical Library!

cd_allegri_misere.jpgWe recently got an email from a Ron in Stanley, NC who was looking for a list we used to offer suggesting music selections for beginning classical listeners. I could vaguely remember the list, but I couldn’t find one anywhere in the files here at the station. I also remember at one point offering suggestions for building a classical library. These were/are great resources that are seemingly as lost as Atlantis at this moment.
But good news! Instead of spending precious time rummaging in dusty boxes and cabinets, we got the bright idea to use this great 21st century invention called the blog to recreate the list of classical “must haves” using the expertise of the collective WDAV community. So, I’ll start. I think everyone should hear/own Gregorio Allegri’s Misere, a truly miraculous work, and I’d recommend the version done by the Tallis Scholars on the Gimell label some 25 years ago. Click here to read more and purchase.
Ok, that’s my suggestion. What’s yours?