2 thoughts on “From listener Ken Jadoff in Winston-Salem

  1. Doug Simmons says:

    We started to listen and take an interest in classical music and WDAV when our two children, a boy and a girl, decided to make classical music performance a career. Both have music performance degrees and attended a conservatory. If it hadn’t been for them, we would have missed out on a whole world of great music. Now we have WDAV on all our radios and it’s on all day even in our cars as we travel in this area. We are grateful to our children for introducing us to this great music. Both are performers today.

  2. Joe Hodges says:

    I’ve been a wdav listener for about five years. i really appreciate this station. i listen to this station day and night. this year i become a first time contributor,after realizing that i was taking for granted that wdav will always be here. thanks everyone for your hard work at the station to keep this beautiful music on the air waves. God bless, and peace out.

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