3 thoughts on “Update from Mike McKay

  1. Frankie Speagle says:

    I have grown up with you and Barbara on WBTV and now listen to you on WDAV. You have been a role model to me. By far many years ago and still running you are the best personality in Charlotte, maybe the world. Don’t know much others since I have lived and grown up here all my life and don’t want to. I wish you a speedy recovery and am glad you are where you belong again.

  2. Paul Herbert says:

    Mike: We missed you at the Charlotte Symphony in the Park last night at Bailey Road Park – Cornelius. It wasn’t the same without you but it was a terrific performance and a packed house. Get well from your friends in Cornelius! Here is the link to some photos: http://albums.phanfare.com/isolated/5xkgT9fy/3269451/4136566

  3. Moe-The Midori Fan says:

    Don’t scare me like that.
    I didn’t know you(Mike McKay) were out for a serious reason.
    I’ve been AWOL from music listening for a while. I’m back now, pokin’ around your website.
    I’ve found the video links & some other new things.
    But the videos caused me to go pokin’ around YouTube, looking for good sound quality in things I’d been thinking about for years.
    I found more than I thought I would
    And one thing led to another. I thought of a listener request I meant to make more than a year ago (but I put it off).
    Then Michael Jackson dropped over, Farrah Fawcette dissappeared, and now Mike McKay is sick
    This caused me to think even more
    I thought of an old sayin’. I’ve heard it several times over the years:
    So I’ll have my listener request in today (June 28th), and not put it off anymore.
    It will also contain a recommendation, not necessarily for broadcast, but for the station in general, and for each individual member of the staff.
    Over the years, I’ve had a better track record recommending good things for other people, than my record in requesting good stuff for myself.
    My request (A Neville Marriner recording of Beethoven’s 7th) should go through, now that Mike is back, and the radio station is cranked up again.
    The Midori Fan

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