2 thoughts on “Schulz’s Beethoven: Schoeder’s Muse

  1. Rachel Stewart says:

    I should have, but didn’t, realize that Schulz was such a classical music fan. Normally, when I think of classical music in relation to the graphic and visual medium of comics or cartoons, I think of it as the soundtrack. I didn’t realize Schultz was using it to create a visual “soundtrack.” Interesting.

  2. Ted Weiner says:

    This article certain hits home with me. For the past 48 years, or so, I have always anticipated Beethoven’s birthday wondering if that day’s Peanuts strip would be Beethoven themed. It usually was and it always made my day.
    I remember as a child in the early 60’s I was once looking through one of the several Peanuts compilation books we had around the house. That very same strip with Schroeder going through the warm-ups before playing had caught my attention. The antics amused me and I showed the cartoon to my mother. She pointed to the music notes and commented matter-of-factly, “That’s the Hammerklavier Sonata.” My mother, while not a musician, was very knowledgeable about classical music. But I assume now that one of her musician friends must have informed her. Regardless, that was the first time I had ever heard the term “Hammerklavier” and I’ve always associated it with Schroeder and Peanuts.

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