3 thoughts on “Eastern Music Festival Founder Dies

  1. Mariana Kramer says:

    I knew Shelly very well from 1965 through 1969. I was principal flutist with the Greensboro Symphony for a while, second flute and piccolo – a total of five years. I also subbed a little in the Easstern Music Festival Orchestra. Shelly was a dear friend – my husband, John, used to go and get the performing artists at the airport, who were slated to play with the GSO, and we have many memories and funny stories. One was Van Cliburn forgetting the National Anthem, which he insisted on playing before a concert – and getting lost in a Beethoven Concerto. I’ll never forget the look on Shelly’s face! Another was Jose Iurbi’s performance – I don’t remember what he played, but he got lost and started yelling at someone in the audience who took his picture, thus taking the attention away from his mistakes! There are many other memories. We have lost a wonderful human being and a wonderful teacher and conductor.


    Oh boy, the summer of 1969; did we think we were something at EMF.For the final faculty concert, my horn teacher asked me to assist him in Ein Heldenleben! What a thrill; even if I was only allowed to play 9or10 notes all night. Remember it like yesterday. Some guys went to the moon; many attended a big rock party in upstate NY. But for me it was my first true gig when I played w/ the big boys & girls in a small city in middle NC.

  3. rosanne soifer says:

    I spent a summer at EMF as a student way back in 1966. What an eye-opener and what wonderful preparation for my music career!

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