One thought on “Debating Handel’s anti-Semitism

  1. Mark says:

    Is it possible to appreciate music from a purely aesthetic perspective? Yes!
    Of course there are qualifications. I don’t think it is possible to appreciate music “purely” because all of us bring to the listening experience a whole set of presuppositions. And the music itself was written in a context by a composer who wrote it with set of presuppositions about reality. For instance, I enjoy and appreciate the music of Bruckner and Mahler but my own presupositions about reality probably are more readily identitfied with Bruckner’s works than Mahler’s works. But I listen, buy tickets to concerts, purchase resordings of Mahler’s symphonies without endorsing the values or world-view that undergirds it.
    Consider this: WDAV is part of Davidson College that, at least historically, is part of a certain religious tradition that, broadly speaking, is theistic. But I never for a moment consider WDAV endorsing all the beliefs and values that undergird the music you play on the air.

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