News & FeaturesNovember 5, 2018

Q & A: Gullah Music Quintet Ranky Tanky Brings Lowcountry Sounds to Davidson

Ranky Tanky, whose name translates to “work it” or “get funky” in their native Gullah language, travels to

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Bernstein’s Growth as a Conductor

How chance encounters with two musical icons stoked Bernstein’s musical career

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Pachelbel’s One Hit Wonder Finds Reprise

While Pachelbel’s canon is his only truly famous work, the tune has been featured in music across a dizzying array of genres

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Leonard Bernstein’s Musical Development

An exploration of where Bernstein first found his interest in music

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Remembering Leonard Bernstein: Exploring Bernstein’s Family

In celebration of the centennial of legendary artist, we take a dive into Bernstein’s life and musical genius