festivalsMay 24, 2017

WDAV Dispatch from Spoleto

Dispatch 1: Returning to Spoleto

@WDAVApril 7, 2017

Beethoven’s Battle

WDAV recognizes child abuse prevention month by observing how the famed composer played through his past.

News & FeaturesNovember 25, 2016

Mr. Noseda Goes To Washington: The Capital’s Orchestra Gets A New Leader

Italian conductor Gianandrea Noseda discusses his hopes for the National Symphony Orchestra, his idea of the conductor as Formula One driver, and his love of the rock band Queen.

@WDAVNovember 17, 2016


A spotlight on musical Legends of the past and present

News & FeaturesMay 17, 2016

Jane Little, Atlanta’s Dainty Double-Bass Player For 71 Years, Dies Onstage

The bassist joined the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in 1945, when she was just 16 years old. She died while performing during a POPs concert.

News & FeaturesMay 7, 2016

The Cypress String Quartet’s Commitment

When a group of people band together and commit themselves to a common goal the results can be simply remarkable

News & FeaturesApril 6, 2016

From the Top: Sibling Duo Featured in Creative Music Video

Brother & Sister cellists perform in an animation that blends music & art.