@WDAVAugust 28, 2014

Reel Music: James Horner & James Cameron

Film score composer James Horner has had some of his greatest successes working with director James Cameron, but it was not always a happy union.

Classical 101August 26, 2014

Mozart 101, part 3 of 4: The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute can be a real head-scratcher with its jumbled plot and eccentric characters. Find out the Masonic meaning behind the quirkiness of Mozart’s last completed composition.

News & FeaturesAugust 21, 2014

Radiohead: Art-Rock Innovation, Classical Inspiration

English rock band Radiohead has always carried a reputation for innovation, but their art-rock sensibility owes a great deal to the influence of classical music.

News & FeaturesAugust 20, 2014

Must-Have New Release: Night Stories – Nocturnes, Jenny Lin

Music Director Ted Weiner suggests a new album that can be your perfect coda to a peaceful evening.

Classical 101August 18, 2014

Mozart 101, Part 2 of 4: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Take a look at the mysterious circumstances under which Mozart’s “supreme mastery in the smallest possible frame” was composed — as well as possible theories behind its origin.

Classical 101August 13, 2014

Mozart 101, part 1 of 4: Mozart’s Life

At three, Mozart played piano. At five, he composed music. At six, he performed for royalty. But this early talent didn’t stop “Wolfie” from stirring up trouble, too.

Classical 101August 11, 2014

Beethoven 101, Part 4: Missa Solemnis

His turbulent final days brought forth some of his greatest works.

@WDAVAugust 7, 2014

Rachmaninoff: How Russian Romanticism Inspired 1970s Hits

WDAV Development Director Rodger Clark shares how his love of classical music began… even before he knew it was classical music.

Classical 101August 5, 2014

Beethoven 101, Part 3: “Emperor Concerto”

Learn the story behind one of the most beloved piano concertos.

Just For FunAugust 4, 2014

Why Classical is for Everyone

“Everybody loves classical music – they just haven’t found out about it yet.” A TED Talk for anyone who doesn’t love classical… yet.