News & FeaturesOctober 29, 2015

[Video] Farewell to Henry Janiec, Musical Pioneer

Maestro Henry Janiec, former Charlotte Symphony Orchestra Maestro and Conductor Emeritus of Brevard Music Center, dies at 85.

@WDAVSeptember 15, 2015

The Genesis of Concíerto

When Hispanic Heritage Month ends in mid-October, it will coincide with an important milestone: the 5th anniversary of the debut of the bilingual classical music program Concierto.

@WDAVSeptember 10, 2015

For the Sake of One Note!

WDAV recently hosted Vladimir Horowitz’s personal piano. As it turns out, Vlad was a very particular man when it came to his piano – and his music. Find out just how particular with this great anecdote!

Just For FunAugust 27, 2015

“Rhapsody in Blue” Gets a Revamp

A performance of this iconic piece of Americana – with a twist!

@WDAVAugust 26, 2015

Hollywood’s Greatest Year

In 1939, the world was falling into turmoil. Americans wanted to escape, and Hollywood was working over time churning out movies to provide a distraction – films that would go down in history as some of cinema’s most enduing classics

News & FeaturesAugust 6, 2015

A Rarity Reclaimed: Stolen Stradivarius Recovered After 35 Years

For decades, virtuoso violinist Roman Totenberg played his prized Stradivarius around the world. Then one day in 1980 it was snatched. Gone. But in June, the FBI called his daughter with news.

@WDAVJuly 28, 2015

Reel Music Bites into Summer Blockbusters

There was a time when summer was a movie wasteland. That all changed when the film adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws hit theaters.

Classical 101July 21, 2015

Ohlsson’s His Name, and Chopin’s His Game

Get to know the three-time international piano competition champion unofficially dubbed “The Thousand-Handed God of the Piano.”

News & FeaturesJuly 13, 2015

Jon Vickers, Intense Canadian Tenor, Dies At 88

With his large, electrifying voice and his penetrating portrayals, Canadian tenor Jon Vickers thrilled opera lovers for more than 30 years.

Classical 101July 7, 2015

A Rachy Beginning: Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2

Discover the backstory of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 2 in E minor.

@WDAVJuly 2, 2015

The Birth of Brevard

Brevard Music Center and Summer Festival, nestled in the North Carolina Mountains, didn’t always exist in the form we know and love today. It actually began in WDAV’s own (future) backyard!