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Classical Music’s Comeback, on Public Radio

In the last decade, public radio stations could not get rid of classical music fast enough, as station after station abandoned the format for news and talk, alienating classical fans.
Just 19 commercial classical stations remain on the air nationwide, by one count, down from about 50 in the early 1990s. But as ad-supported programmers also decide that the classical format is no longer practical, the music has started to find a new savior. And, to the surprise of many, it is public broadcasting.
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Charlotte Symphony Announces Replacement Conductor for Season Finale

As a result of the ash cloud from the recent volcano eruption in Iceland that has mandated closures of virtually all European airports and cancellations of flights, the Charlotte Symphony (CSO) announced today that
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Piedmont Opera Stars Chat With Frank Dominguez

WDAV Program Director Frank Dominguez traveled to Winston-Salem this week to chat with the stars of Piedmont Opera’s upcoming production of Puccini’s Turandot. Listen to the interview!
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