Yesterday, I was 26 years old again, just for about 20 miles on U.S. 190 back to I-40. You can flat haul ass on that road, and I did, just for a little, in my 1967 Mercury Comet Caliente ragtop. I won’t tell you just how fast because my mom is reading, so I’ll say on the other end of the spectrum that I am typically staying under 70 this trip. What made me 26 again is a compilation cassette tape that I made for my 1989 voyage to L.A., up the coast to Seattle, then back across the top of the country.
Photo in my driveway courtesy of Jennifer Foster, WDAV announcer producer and dear, funny, special, outlier friend, the day of my departure, 13 days and 2,200 miles ago.


Memories of the Future

I have needed utter silence to pack my bags, boxes, books, and radiator hoses for six weeks on the road. But when the key turns in the ignition of my old ’67 Comet ragtop, my playlist is ready to crank up to the skies.
I have learned that road-trip music provides an ear to the future, as well as to the past and present. To put it another way, sound is second only to smell in my Proustian lobes, and this June and July, starting today, are my next batch of good old days. So, I aim to remember the summer of ’09 even more clearly and fondly than I remember the summer of ’89, when I crossed the same continent in the same car. (I dug the cassette soundtrack for that trip out of a closet for this trip, but we’ll get to that.)


Update from Mike McKay

MMK_036_148.jpgIf you”ve had a chance to listen the past couple of mornings, you”ve noticed that I”m back on the air here at WDAV. It has been an interesting couple of weeks as I”ve been recovering from the cancer surgery, but the healing has been much smoother and quicker than I thought it would be.
It”s terrific to be back and to once again share the wonderful classical music with you…we”re all very fortunate to be able to enjoy that together, aren”t we?
As a final note, I”ll never be able to do a complete job of thanking all the wonderful, supportive people who posted messages here on the blog. Reading the kind, gracious words of so many WDAV listeners was a real inspiration, and I”ll always be grateful for your thoughtfulness.
So back to the studio, and back to the wonderful chance to work here and be a small part of the great things that happen here – I”m far more blessed than I deserve!

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