CSO: Too Much to Say in One Article

by James Hogan
When you have some time, Google “Stradivarius Wilhelmj.”
It’s not an anagram, I assure you; nor is it going to lead you to some kinky Polish-Italian website. With any luck, you’ll see a Wiki entry or some other note to tell you about this fabulous violin that blissfully visited Charlotte this weekend at the CSO’s performances of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 in A Major. (The orchestra also performed selections from Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde and Strauss’ mighty Also sprach Zarathustra.)


Top Ten (okay 11) Reasons to Support WDAV

by James Hogan
1) Piedmont Carolina doesn’t really need another country/pop/alternative radio station, right?
2) Your kids can learn German and Italian words in the car, and you’ll never have to worry about what they’ll repeat in public
3) At least WDAV doesn’t use Ira Glass to completely make you feel guilty about not giving until now
4) There’s only one place to hear Jennifer Foster’s sultry voice
5) The station is local, broadcast essentially in your backyard–not owned by some faceless “parent company”
6) The insider knowledge you gain about Liszt will make you hugely cool at cocktail parties
7) WDAV will take your used car, but it will never try to sell you another
8) It’s the only station that makes you calmer while sitting in gridlock on I-77
9) Sometimes they’ll mention your name on the air, so it’s a relatively cheap way to become locally famous
10) They have a show called Biscuits and Bach. Tell me that’s not freakin’ awesome
11) When people get in your car and hear 89.9, they’ll naturally assume you’re smarter than they are