New Year, New Schedule

For the Program Director of a radio station, the on air schedule is an instrument of expression and creativity. From the right balance of musical selections for each time of day, to the right host or national program in each time slot, putting together a schedule that’s aesthetically pleasing and serves listeners well is demanding. It’s also a matter of considerable pride and pleasure for me here at WDAV.
That’s why I deliberated carefully before deciding to switch places with Jennifer Foster on our schedule.

Jennifer is a wonderful presence on the air, and her knowledge about classical music, combined with the obvious pleasure she derives from it, have made her an ideal host for the middle of the weekdays here on WDAV.
But Jennifer is also a gifted producer and interviewer, as her popular Main Street Sessions and occasional arts features have proven. And that kind of work takes a lot of time and energy.
That’s how we came up with the idea to swap air shifts. The evening shift is less time consuming for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that it’s completely pre-recorded (more on the reasons for that some other time). So Jennifer can prepare the evening’s music at her convenience and at her pace, which will free her up to interview and record more local musicians and visiting artists.
That’s important to us here at WDAV, because we want to be able to offer something more than a music library to our listeners, as important as that is. After all, with all of the technologies emerging these days, simply “spinning discs” doesn’t really seem to be enough for a music service anymore.
As for me? Well, I’ve loved the idea of being a deejay ever since I was a kid and used to practice doing breaks on an old cassette recorder in my bedroom. And as a sometime stage actor, the thrill of doing something live has always been part of the fun for me. Frankly, I’ve missed it.
So I’m looking forward to getting back on the air mid days on WDAV. And hopefully our loyal listeners will find in me an old friend and familiar voice they’ll feel comfortable with as we enjoy the music together.

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3 Responses to New Year, New Schedule

  1. James Healy says:

    Whatever the “logical reasons” for the change of announcing shifts, the bottom line is, as a listener, I now get two hours less of the best personality on WDAV. Frank you are very good but Jennifer is great. Not only reduced hours but less of hearing her great announcing, etc; as the evening shift tends to play longer pieces, etc.
    So explain again how this benefits me as a listener??
    Jim Healy

  2. Frank Dominguez says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Jennifer’s talent, which is what made the decision difficult. But my hope is that listeners will benefit by having more frequent Main Street Sessions and features produced by Jennifer, for which she has a particular talent (and, I might add, a particular passion; she is not an unwilling participant in this “swap”).
    I also think there’s a significant number of WDAV listeners — I suspect a majority — who tune in more for the music than the personality. An appealing host with the right presentation is critical, to be sure, but not necessarily the determining factor.
    After all, Jennifer wasn’t always the midday host on WDAV (as a matter of fact, I was the afternoon announcer for several years before I became Program Director). And Jennifer has come and gone from the station several times over the years of her association with WDAV. Each time we’ve been sorry to see her go, and happy to have her return, as have many of our listeners.
    But through all of that, the music has remained the constant which draws listeners, and our audience has remained loyal. That’s why, whatever the host changes on the air, the station has been able not only to survive, but to thrive.

  3. jim healy says:

    Good for you and good for WDAV. Does not change my opinion. I will say that “competent personalities” can bring much added value to a station. WDAV seems to support the posture that the music is the attraction. Good Luck.

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