Judging by the Cover…


There were two album covers in my father’s collection of mostly classical recordings that held shock value for me as a child. Perhaps it was not so much the cover, but the title on the wide spine of a recording of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar that bothered me. Jesus Christ What? Something about those words was embarrassing to me. Nowhere in my eight-year-old mind could I place Jesus among screaming electric guitars and feel right about it. I wanted to turn the album around and face the spine into the back of the record cabinet.
The uneasiness that record caused me was rivaled only by one other: Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention’s Weasels Ripped My Flesh.


New Year, New Schedule

For the Program Director of a radio station, the on air schedule is an instrument of expression and creativity. From the right balance of musical selections for each time of day, to the right host or national program in each time slot, putting together a schedule that’s aesthetically pleasing and serves listeners well is demanding. It’s also a matter of considerable pride and pleasure for me here at WDAV.
That’s why I deliberated carefully before deciding to switch places with Jennifer Foster on our schedule.