Conception, Gestation, Labor, Birth: A Composer Delivers a Commission


Recording sessions for a new series of The Main Street Sessions are underway!
There are some thrilling performances in store: A young classical guitarist pours himself into Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, a countertenor transports us back to the 16th century, a luxurious contralto voice delivers songs by Charles Ives in all their gorgeous quirkiness and a Julliard-trained composer deftly splits his time between concert halls and nightclubs.
I’m especially excited about the recording session I have scheduled for tomorrow. There won’t be any music. That’s right. No music. See, there isn’t any…


An Invitation to Two-Way Radio: A DJ Answers the Phone

cd player

You think countdown, you think NASA. I think countdown, I think WDAV.
In radio, time is always running out. Here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know: in radio, it takes seven seconds for a fresh silence to wilt into dead air. How do I know it’s seven? I know my seconds. I know my minutes. I’ve been watching counters on CD players four hours a day every weekday for a collected seven years. Like it or not, I have developed an uncanny sense of time. When I tell someone when I’ll be arriving, I tell them I’ll be there at 3:12 p.m. I’ll be right. They’ll be amazed. When my son wants to know how long before dinner will be ready, I’ll answer “seventeen and a half minutes”. And I’ll be right. And he’ll be amazed.