Just For FunDecember 8, 2014

Unlikely Composers

You know these people as actors, philosophers, or authors. Did you know they were composers, too?

News & FeaturesDecember 8, 2014

The Suzuki Method Debate

A New York Times story examines the debate about roots of the Suzuki method.

News & FeaturesDecember 4, 2014

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Need gift inspiration? WDAV music director Ted Weiner offers two albums sure to please music lovers this holiday season.

@WDAVNovember 26, 2014

Bernard Herrmann, Man of Many Genres

WDAV’s Matt Rogers always loved movies. But it was Herrmann’s scores – Journey to the Center of the Earth’s, in particular — that fostered his appreciation for the art of film scores.

Classical 101November 20, 2014

A Beginner’s Guide to Opera

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the beauty, power, and virtuosity of opera. But where do you start?

EventsNovember 10, 2014

Music, Composed by Brushstrokes

“Mi Concierto” — a painting by Myelita Melton inspired by her love of music — will be shown in Davidson College’s Arts Jubillee.

Just For FunOctober 29, 2014

Top 5 Scariest Halloween Soundtracks

A celebration of cinema’s most unsettling scores

News & FeaturesOctober 27, 2014

Must-Have New Release: Lara St. John’s Schubert

WDAV Music Director Ted Weiner recommends an album that’s “spot on in doing right by Schubert.”

News & FeaturesOctober 22, 2014

WDAV Honors Stephen Paulus

Paulus, a prolific American composer, died October 19, 2014, at the age of 65.

Just For FunOctober 16, 2014

Program Notes? There’s An App For That.

This orchestra gives people a reason to keep their mobiles on.