News & FeaturesMay 17, 2018

The Soundtrack to British Royal Weddings

A look into what music royal weddings have traditionally featured

Arts FeatureMay 15, 2018

Christopher Warren-Green on the Music of the Royal Wedding

Warren-Green gives hints about the music for the ceremony and insights on being a musical liaison to the royal family

News & FeaturesApril 26, 2018

Major Themes: Our top classical picks, from Bach to Brahms and beyond

New feature includes WDAV recommendation for must-hear recordings

@WDAVApril 4, 2018

5 More Reasons to Check Out WDAV’s Small Batch Concert Series

WDAV’s Small Batch Concert Series brings together great people, great music, and great beer!

News & FeaturesMarch 30, 2018

Sage Advice: Stay True to Your Heart

Jennifer Stasack talks about being a female composer in today’s age

News & FeaturesMarch 28, 2018

Familiar Names

For these female composers, musical talents ran in the family

Arts FeatureMarch 26, 2018

Perfect Timing

Conductor Tara Keith on counting her way to the front of the orchestra and the importance of music education for girls.

News & FeaturesMarch 1, 2018

High Tech Hollywood Gets Medieval

The Academy Award-nominated blockbuster Dunkirk uses techniques pioneered by composers nearly 1000 years ago in its Oscar-nominated musical score

News & FeaturesFebruary 23, 2018

This Is My Story, This Is My Song

Dr. Carl DuPont shares why carrying out the mission of the American Spiritual Ensemble is important to him